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Gabrialla™ Enhanced Pregnancy Support Belt | MS-96i

Gabrialla™ Enhanced Pregnancy Support Belt | MS-96i

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Introducing Gabrialla™ Enhanced Pregnancy Support Belt your ultimate companion for an active pregnancy journey. Bid farewell to the relentless joint, pelvic, and back pain that hampers your daily activities. This revolutionary belly band embraces your growing bump, providing essential support during every step, stride, and workout, all while ensuring blissful comfort.

Embrace the versatility of this adjustable maternity belt as it effortlessly adapts to your changing body, providing unwavering support from the second trimester to your postpartum recovery. Revel in the relief from postpartum back, pelvic, and abdominal discomfort by wearing this belt for up to a month after a natural delivery or C-section. For an extra level of customized support, explore our range of postpartum binders perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Stay Cool and Comfortable: Breathable material with a cotton lining for all-day comfort.
  • Extra Support: Lifts and supports your baby bump with a 6-inch back design tapering to 3 inches in the front.
  • Avoid Stretch Marks: Provides extra support to minimize strain and the risk of developing stretch marks.
  • Enjoy Stylish Support: Available in three colors and designed with thin, flexible material for seamless integration with your wardrobe.
  • Comfortable and Helpful for Workouts, Exercises & Running: Supports stability without restricting movement, enabling you to maintain an active lifestyle while promoting proper posture.
  • Doctor's Choice: Trusted and recommended by doctors for excellent abdominal and lower back support, alleviating pressure from the spine.
  • Perfect for Therapy Treatments: Features a back pocket for hot/cold therapy relief.

Materials: Cotton 30% | Polyester 50% | Lycra 20%

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Pain Relief
Prevents/Reduces Stretch Marks
Improved Posture
Discreet and Adjustable
Extra Support X
Comfortable for Workouts X
Breathable Design X X
Twin/Triplet Pregnancy Support X X X
Double Pull
Therapy Pocket X X
Width 3" Back/ 3" Front 6" Back/ 3" Front 6" Back/ 3" Front 8" Back/ 3" Front
Polyester 90% 80% 50% 50%
Lycra 10% 20% 20% 20%
Cotton X X 30% 30%
Beige X X

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Madelyn Adams
Love these bands

5'4, 130 lb pre-pregnancy. With my second child, I used this around 18-weeks. I started with a medium but then needed a large in the 3rd trimester (weight up to 165 lb, belly was 41"). There's plenty of space in the large but would have been too big earlier on. I like that it tapers down to below the belly in the front and you can adjust the tightness easily with the side bands. I like that it all hooks in the front. It does get worn in over time but I wear mine everyday most of the day. The tag says made in USA, can't beat supporting the home team.

Great adjustable support

Unlike a couple other pregnancy support bands I've tried, this one provides two ways to adjust the support which really makes a difference. Would highly recommend!

Rachael Hromulak

The belt has worked very well for me while running during my second trimester and on!

Emma R

This is my 3rd pregnancy and at 15 weeks I was already feeling heaviness and discomfort in my belly. My physio recommended the Gabrialla belt and I am very pleased with it so far (I'm now 18 weeks). I have worn it on several long hikes and have been very comfortable and supported, with no heaviness or pain. I'm really pleased.

I love this belt

I love this belt so much, my doctor ordered it for me to use as I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant right now and it helps me with pelvic and lower back pain so much. It gives great support and it is very comfortable, I definitely recommend this belt for any pregnant woman that is looking for pain relief in they’re back or pelvic area.