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Maternity Belt for Active Mom - Medium Support 6 inches (MS-96)

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A growing baby bump should never keep you from staying fit and active during pregnancy. Now you can get that extra support to help you keep moving and exercising with our Gabrialla Active Mom Maternity Support Belt. This maternity belt is designed specifically for moms on the move and is great for going to the gym, walking, running or just receiving extra support during the day. Our medium-strength 6” support belt has a compression design that will help stabilize your hips and reduce low back pressure, so you can be comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy. Our maternity running belt is completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman’s body, meaning whether you are just starting your second trimester, or going through postpartum recovery, this belt can help provide you with the support you need.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Extra Support - Designed to be  6 inches in the back, tapering down to 3 inches in the front to lift and support your baby bump
  • Avoid Stretch Marks - Made to provide extra support as your baby bump gets heavier, reducing strain and risk of developing stretch marks
  • Ease Those Aching Joints - Features a six-inch-deep pocket for a hot or cold pack to cool you off or soothe your aching lower back
  • Enjoy Stylish Support - Comes in 3 colors and made with thin, flexible material to ensure your belt coordinates with your wardrobe and is easily hidden under clothing
  • Comfortable for Workouts - designed to provide just enough support for extra stability, without restricting movement allowing expecting mothers to maintain their active lifestyle throughout pregnancy


Materials: Polyester 80% | Lycra 20%

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