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Maternity Belt for Running Mom - Medium Support 6 inches




CONTINUE WITH YOUR ROUTINE with 6 inches in the back and tapering down to 3 inches in the front for better support and comfort.
AVOID STRETCH MARKS – This pregnancy belt can actually help reduce the number of stretch marks you develop during pregnancy.
EASE THOSE ACHING JOINTS - The amazing six-inch-deep pockets are a dream come true for expectant moms because you can slip a hot or cold therapy pack right inside the pregnancy belt.
ENJOY STYLISH SUPPORT - This maternity support belt comes in three different colors so you can wear a style that goes with your unique look. Plus, with its flexible and comfortable design you can subtly wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing.
STAY COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU WORK OUT - Created with active moms in mind, this maternity running belt was designed to provide just enough support for extra stability, without restricting movement.


A growing baby bump should never keep you from staying fit and active during pregnancy. Now you can get that extra support to help you keep moving and exercising with our GABRIALLA Active Mom Maternity Support Belt. Created with the stress of running and exercising in mind, put perfect for all active pregnant women, this maternity belt is great for going to the gym, walking or just receiving extra support during the day. Our medium-strength 6” support belt has a compression design that will help stabilize your hips and reduce low back pressure, so you can handle the day in comfort, no matter what activities come your way.
Our maternity running belt is completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman’s body, meaning whether you are just starting your second trimester, or going through postpartum recovery, this belt can help provide you with the support you need.

Size Chart

Measure circumference from lower back to underbelly.
Medir la circunferencia de la baja espalda a vientre.

pregnancy belt belly band back support

Prior to fitting, detach side pulls. Once fitted comfortably, adjust side pulls to desired level of support.