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GABRIALLA MS-14 Pregnancy Support Belly Band

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Product Description

If you are looking for just a hint of belly support during your pregnancy, and don’t want the bulk and stiffness that other maternity support belts offer, then the GABRIALLA Light Maternity Belly Support Belt is for you. Lightweight, comfortable and supportive, this subtle 3” wide maternity belt provides discrete support with a breathable elastic design. Just slip this pregnancy belt on under your clothes and enjoy comfort and stabilization all day long. This adjustable belt features a Velcro closure so it can adapt to fit you at any stage in your pregnancy. While this pregnancy belt is lightweight, it still provides plenty of support, helping alleviate strain on your body so you can stay healthy, active and comfortable from the beginning of your pregnancy.

Future mothers have so many struggles during the pregnancy and each of them have their own personal story. This light and breathable belly band was designed for those who want to take a better care of themselves right from the very beginning. GABRIALLA belly band is designed not only to give support to your belly at the later stages of the pregnancy, but it helps to reduce the chance of developing stretch marks. You can start wearing it as soon as you feel and see first body changes and continue till the end of the pregnancy period. If you don’t have any severe back pains the belt will softly support your growing belly and give you the comfort you’re looking for. This belly band is a great friend for women who want to stay active, continue with regular exercises but still be precautious and get necessary comfort and care. In case you want more back support at the later pregnancy stages, look into our signature pregnancy belts designed for women who need to have more support.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Discreet and Adjustable - The 3-inch wide belly band design is breathable, fully adjustable and thin enough to be hidden under clothing.
  • Prevent Stretch Marks - Designed to help reduce the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Support for active Moms – Great exercising belly belt for future mothers that provides extra support during their workouts as well as more stability and balance.
  • Discreet and Adjustable - The 3-inch wide belly band design is breathable, fully adjustable and thin enough to be hidden under clothing.


Materials: Polyester 90% | Lycra 10%

Product Features and Benefits

Decreases Back Pain

Supports the uterus, prevents overextension of the lower back, encourages correct postures, and relieves the strain on your back, joints, and hips.

Double Pulls

The double pulls are designed to regulate the tension and compression on the belly, give better support and safety. This feature also makes the belt completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman's body.

Therapy Pocket

Special back pockets are designed to hold a hot or cold gel pack. Application of a heating pad, ice pack or some msaage to your back might help relieve the back pain.

Helps Prevent Belly Stretch Marks

Wearing a maternity belt can play a crucial role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Awards & Certifications

Our pregnancy belly bands are FDA & Medicare approved. Our MS-96 and MS-96(i) maternity belts are the winners of multiple national awards and featured on the covers of multiple maternity and baby magazines