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Designed for All Women's Needs: Elegant and Medically Correct

A woman's lifestyle is made from many adventures and life's events.  For these she will need support and help through her life's stages. That's where the dilemma starts. Finding the good product has too many times been requiring a compromise between a medically correct but not elegant looking product and a cool looking product that does not really do the job. The result would be that you cannot pursue a fully effective treatment and feel good at the same time.

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Active and healthy woman

Help You to Stay Active and Healthy at All Times

This is why we created the GABRIALLA collection: we want to help you to stay active and enjoy your life at all stages. The GABRIALLA Collection was created over 20 years ago offering women support products from pregnancy, going through the postpartum recovery period but also body shaping. To our knowledge, the GABRIALLA Women's Health Collection is the most complete line of support products available to women in the U.S. Our brand philosophy is simple: provide the best support products possible continue the relationship with GABRIALLA throughout a woman’s life. GABRIALLA is a name that women know and trust for more than two decades.

The Highest Quality for Your Health

The products in our GABRIALLA Maternity Collection are unlike anything else available because they are medically correct, easy to use AND comfortable to wear. Our designs are unique. In fact, we have been granted a U.S. Patent for our MS-96 Maternity Support Belt, the most popular maternity support belt in the U.S. Extensive use of natural fibers and/or highly breathable proprietary materials provides all day comfortable wear. Just as importantly, unlike the completion, our designs are very easy to use. This unsurpassed combination of support, comfort, and style delivers superior value.

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Our philosophy is “If you feel better, you’ll look better too".