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Maternity Belt - Strong Support 8 inches




GET THE LOWER BACK SUPPORT YOU NEED - This pregnancy belt comes highly recommended by medical professionals because it provides both abdominal and lower back support. This helps relieve extra spinal pressure during pregnancy meaning less discomfort and fewer chances of injury.
ADJUSTABLE TO FIT YOUR BODY - A woman’s body is constantly changing during pregnancy and this 8-inch-wide support belt, tapering down to 3 inches in the front, was crafted to grow and change along with this body. With four stays and two additional side pulls, you can ensure a proper fit every time.
STABILIZE SENSITIVE HIPS - During pregnancy a woman’s hips often become weakened or strained. This maternity belt can help compress and support the hips to stabilize and reduce pain.
DEVELOP FEWER STRETCH MARKS - This maternity belt not only helps with comfort and support, but it can lessen a woman’s chances of developing stretch marks as well.
ENJOY BETTER POSTURE - With the support from this pregnancy belt, women can enjoy better posture and balance while staying active during their pregnancy.


Take some of the pain and discomfort out of being pregnant with this durable GABRIALLA Strong Maternity Support Belt. Created for pregnant with twins women, this maternity belt helps provide expecting moms with the support they need to stay comfortable, healthy and active all pregnancy long. This pregnancy belt is breathable, adjustable and designed to lessen the preexisting back pain you may have.
Unlike other maternity supports, our pregnancy belts never use tummy straps that add extra strain to your bump. Instead, they provide gentle compression to help stabilize the hips, reducing pressure and helping moms stay more comfortable and supported as their bodies change. Being pregnant can be hard, take some of the discomfort out of the equation with these durable maternity support belts.

Size Chart

Measure circumference from lower back to underbelly.
Medir la circunferencia de la baja espalda a vientre.

pregnancy belt belly band back support

Prior to fitting, detach side pulls. Once fitted comfortably, adjust side pulls to desired level of support.