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Maternity Belt - Deluxe Breathable Medium Support 6 inches (MS-96(i))



If you are looking for just a hint of support during your pregnancy, but don’t want the bulk and stiffness that other support belts offer, then the Gabrialla Light Maternity Support Belt is for you. Lightweight, comfortable and supportive, this subtle 3” wide maternity belt provides discrete support with a breathable elastic design. Just slip this pregnancy belt on under your clothes and enjoy comfort and stabilization all day long. This adjustable belt features a Velcro closure so it can adapt to fit you at any stage in your pregnancy. While this pregnancy belt is lightweight, it still provides plenty of support, helping alleviate strain on your body so you can stay healthy, active and comfortable from the beginning of your pregnancy right through postpartum recovery.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Doctor Recommended - Excellent abdominal and lower back support to reduce pressure from the spine
  • Avoid Stretch Marks - Provides medium-strength support to the uterus and helps reduce the risk of developing stretch marks.
  • Stay Active - Promotes proper posture and balance while allowing the continuation of an active lifestyle.
  • Perfect for Therapy Treatments - Made 6" wide tapering down to 3" in the front with a back pocket for hot/cold therapy relief.
  • Stay Cool and Comfortable - Made with breathable material with cotton lining for undetectable support and comfort every day.


Materials: Cotton 30% | Polyester 50% | Lycra 20%

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