7 Reasons Why Doctor Recommends Belly Band During Pregnancy

7 Reasons Why Doctor Recommends Belly Band During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a tendency to present its unique set of challenges for a mother as well as a doctor. During the pregnancy and after you deliver a baby, your body goes through a lot of struggles. Back pain, hip pain, and pelvic pain are some of those issues that almost every expectant mother has to deal with. 

But, where there is a problem, there is a solution. Right? Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to eliminate the pregnancy discomfort like; putting on a pregnancy belly band. 

If you’re wondering, what is a pregnancy belly support bandWell, it’s a flexible and strong garment that supports the abdomen and lower back during and after the pregnancy. So, women who are interested in wearing a pregnancy support band should first talk to their doctor as the prescription is needed to buy a maternity band.

Benefits of Buying Belly Band During Pregnancy

The basic purpose of buying a maternity support belt or band is to add that extra support so you can get through the daily activities at ease and with great comfort. There are plenty of good reasons why doctors suggest getting one. Let’s get started.

1. Improved Body Posture

Belly belts can bring stability to your lower back and abdomen by leveling off your center of gravity. No doubt, your posture gets affected when you change your way of walking to support your growing baby.

By lifting the baby off your hips and compressing your lower belly, a pregnancy support belt will help you sit and stand up straight and walk at complete ease.

2. Working Out Becomes Easier

Wearing a belly band during the later phase of pregnancy can make walking, running, and even sitting more comfortable. Also, when you are exercising or doing yoga, a belly band could be of immense help throughout your workout session. 

It prevents you from getting any sort of bruises or hurt during the exercise by compressing your abdomen a little. Make sure you take it slow and take extra precautions to stay safe.

3. Faster Postpartum Healing

The pregnancy support belt not just serves its purpose till your pregnancy but much after that. You can keep using this healing product after giving birth to your child. The difficult pregnancy phase and childbirth already take a huge toll on your body so it’s time for you to treat it well so you can get back into your previous shape. 

The maternity belt aids in bringing the abdomen muscles back together. When belly band combined with exercises may speed up the process of covering the gap between the abdominal muscles.

4. Relief From Joint Pain

What increases the pain in your hip and back are those hormones that loosen the connective tissues of muscles and joints during the third trimester of pregnancy. The severe pain that you feel in your ligaments and joints gives you unbearable pain. This is where the pregnancy belly belt comes to rescue you from such discomfort so you experience less pain.

5. Lower the Risk of Falling

Wearing maternity belts greatly helps in the stabilization of a pregnant woman's pelvis. This greatly helps in improving body balance and makes you less likely to fall during all three trimesters of your pregnancy.

6. Reduced the Aches and Pains

One such peculiar feature of belly belts and bands is that it helps to distribute your baby’s weight over your lower back and abdomen. This further reduces pressure on ligaments, lower body muscles, back, and joints.

7. Reduced Leg Swelling

When the weight of your baby bump is evenly distributed, you experience less back pain. This alleviates the chances of swelling in your legs during the time of pregnancy.

Safety Tips While Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band

As you consider using pregnancy belly bands, be sure to take into consideration these safety tips you’ll be pretty sorted.

  • Before you try any product during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and find out if using a belly band is beneficial for you and your baby.
  • Make sure you choose the ideal size as a band that is too tight can be harmful to the baby growing inside you. So, based on your pregnancy size, you can find the right fit.
  • It’s good if you follow the instructions written on the user manual of a belly band. Don’t try to use the support band in a way it is not made for.
  • Pregnancy support bands are designed to make this special phase of your life as smooth and as fun as possible. So, the band should provide compression under your abdomen and back too.
  • Try not to wear a belly band for too long as it can weaken your muscles which further result in long-term negative effects.
  • Belly bands and maternity belts can be a bit expensive. So, when you plan for a baby be sure to factor in the budget as it’s a big decision of your life.

If your belly band does not help in alleviating pain when you are occupied in your daily activities, it’s time to speak to your doctor right away to address the conditions.

If you want to build up your abdominal muscles during the postpartum phase then a belly band makes an ideal solution for you. It gives you the necessary comfort by gently supporting the abdomen, thighs, and back of your body.

Feeling motivated to buy a maternity belly band? Well, have a look at our unique collection of sturdy belts and bands that are designed to keep your comfort and safety in mind. You’ll experience improved blood circulation and energized legs and feet after using the product. We are sure you’d recommend this to your friends and family members who are going to step into parenthood soon.

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