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Maternity Support Belts: What Can They Do For You?

Maternity Support


From the moment any woman finds out she is pregnant; she will begin to experience a number of physical changes. And while pregnancy is a true miracle and something that any expectant mom will be excited about, it is also can be quite, well, uncomfortable. As the baby bump begins to grow, so can the feelings of strain and pain on the body, and unfortunately, there isn’t much that pregnant moms can do besides wait it out.

The good news is, belly bands, or maternity support belts are available for expecting moms who need that little bit of extra support. These belts, or bands, will fit comfortably over a woman’s growing stomach and are designed to help reduce hip pain and pelvic discomfort during pregnancy. Most importantly, these belts can help moms feel their best during this miraculous time.

A great maternity support belt will fit around the low back, hips, pelvis and abdomen and can be adjustable to help fit a woman’s growing and changing body. Most belts can be worn either on top of or under clothing to help provide posture support, balance and comfort. There are several different types of belts, which typically Velcro into place, or bands that slide on over the stomach.

These belts are not meant for all day wear, and typically should be worn for a few hours at a time. Think of them as a way to give your body a break as you prepare for birth.

There is no denying that maternity support belts have become more popular in recent years. But what can you expect when using one of these belts regularly? Here are some of the benefits that women can expect when wearing these bands:

Improved Posture

When you’re pregnant, your entire center of gravity and balance will change significantly, particularly as your baby gets bigger and bigger. This can really do a number on your posture and lead to plenty of aches and pains in your back. With the right pregnancy belt, you can enjoy better posture throughout the day. This is important for all pregnant women, particularly those who are spending a majority of their day sitting at a desk.

Maintaining good posture isn’t just important for moms-to-be, it also helps put your baby into a better position. Better posture can help baby stay in the optimal position for birth as they get ready to make their big debut.

Improved Circulation

A properly fitted belly band can help improve circulation in the lower half of the body by gently relieving pressure from the uterus and surrounding blood vessels. This will help improve blood flow and circulation to the lower body parts which can be particularly helpful with swelling.

Most women know that swollen legs and feet are a common side effect of pregnancy. The right belt can help make sure the weight of your bump is more evenly distributed. This can help reduce that uncomfortable swelling and puffiness down the legs.

Just make sure that you aren’t using too much compression, which can hinder circulation. While some swelling can still occur, the right belt will make sure you have less lower back pain, leg strain and extreme swelling during your pregnancy.

Provide Support During Activities

A maternity support belt can provide gentle compression and support while you are doing activities. Think about jogging without a sports bra on. Not comfortable, right? You can get that same type of support you need when doing physical activities with a pregnancy belt.

It is important to stay active during your pregnancy. Most experts recommend that pregnant women get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. This can help with both physical and mental health, back pain, gestational diabetes and more. The good news is, the right belt can help make those activities more comfortable so you can stay focused on staying active.

Lower Fall Risks

Most pregnant women don’t realize how common falls are, particularly in the later stages of pregnancy. As your baby starts to grow, you can start to lose your balance and center of gravity. A properly positioned band will help stabilize your pelvis, can help improve your balance and may lower the chances of you falling while pregnant.

Decrease in Stretch Marks

While pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful part of life, it can also leave behind some not so beautiful marks. Of course, we’re talking about stretch marks. With the right belly band, that provides light compression support for a growing tummy, moms can expect a reduction in the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.

Reduced Pressure on the Bladder

That extra bladder pressure can be one of the most, inconvenient, side effects of pregnancy. Pregnant women who feel that extra pressure on the bladder may find that the right belt or belly band can lift up some of their baby’s weight and relieve pressure from the abdomen. This will also relieve that extra pressure on the bladder.

Helps with Postpartum Healing

Once you have given birth, don’t throw your belly band away. These belts can actually help with postpartum healing. During birth your muscles and ligaments will stretch and need time to heal, birth can even lead to weaknesses and strains as well. With a belly band in place, you can get more comfort and support as your body begins to recover and get back to its normal state.

There is no denying that pregnancy can be uncomfortable. However, the right maternity support belt, such as the belly bands that you will find from Gabrialla, will help you truly be able to enjoy your pregnancy without that nagging discomfort.

Before you start wearing a belly band or belt, make sure you talk to your doctor and that you read all of the instructions on how to make sure your belt fits properly. Your body has plenty to focus on as it prepares for baby’s arrival, and pregnancy belts can make pain and discomfort one less thing to worry about.

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