Your Ultimate Guide to Hide a Cute Baby Bump

Your Ultimate Guide to Hide a Cute Baby Bump

To tell or not to tell about pregnancy is a personal choice and you don’t have to disclose it until you’re ready. You may think of keeping it as a secret from nosey relatives or judgy colleagues or you want to move past the first trimester. Whatever your reason may be, you could easily keep it under wraps.

On the other hand, some women are excited to share this special news with their loved ones right away. But, mostly many like to keep the news to themselves for a little while and wonder what could be the possible way to hide the pregnancy belly. 

Well, there are plenty of things women can do if she wants to hide a bump from the eyes of strangers:

Dress In Layers

Layers are a pretty decent way to hide a baby bump. Particularly, when it’s fall or winter, the more layers, the better it is. You can wear a blazer, winter coat to cover up your bump nicely. But, have one size bigger. 

You can even throw on a nice scarf or layer on a lightweight vest or a long-tunic sweater that covers your belly properly. Having layered clothes keeps people distracted from your baby bump. Isn’t it just convenient? So, before you get all dolled up for an event or any occasion, think of layers.

Dental Distraction

It is natural for women to visit the doctor for regular appointments. And, she’ll fret about raising suspicion at work. So, to monitor pregnancy safely, it’s a good idea to tell the boss that they have an appointment with a dentist. 

In fact, they can even tell that they have some major dental work that needs frequent appointments. We all know, lying is probably not the right thing to do, but it is definitely a good excuse to keep the pregnancy a secret for at least as long as you want.

Excuse of Detox

Commonly, people go for detoxes from time to time so it won’t be uncommon if they hear from you the same. Thus, to hide pregnancy this also makes a good excuse. 

When your friends or family invite you over for a couple of drinks, then you can try telling them that you’re detoxifying and don’t wish to consume any non-healthy drink or food.

While these are some straightforward ways, we have also got some stylish ways to help you conceal a baby bump during pregnancy. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Keep Your Wardrobe Functional

Grab some stuff from your wardrobe and try to mix and match clothes so that you can make effective use of your maternity wear. You can pair your pre-pregnancy tops with maternity pants. 

Don’t try to fill your wardrobe with temporary clothes. If you have versatile pieces, you can easily play with them to create a perfect look for your pregnancy period. 

Choose Right Material

Be mindful of the material you select for your maternity wear. You will want something stretchy because your arms will get bigger and so are your thighs and shoulders. 

Whatever the fabric you pick, don’t compromise on comfort. For example; jersey is both fashionable and comfortable to wear. 

Wear Long Dresses

During pregnancy, long dresses make a pretty good option because they have extra fabric that gets bigger with you. These days, baggier dresses with small definition are in trend. They not just feel cozy but are made up of lovely material and hide your baby bump really well. 

You can go for flowy dresses in bright colors like; baby pink, blue, peach, sea-green, etc. Wear animal prints, wear white or wear whatever color you are fond of as long as you are enjoying your pregnancy phase.

Apart from trying different mixes of clothes and maternity wear, you can even accessorize your look using rings and fitted shoes. When your regular clothes don’t fit, accessories are a great way to lift your mood and make you feel good about yourself. Isn’t it just wonderful?

A well-placed pair of black sunglasses on top of your head doesn’t hurt, right? So, use them when you step out of the door and have fun. 


The good thing is such tips are going to help a lot of would-be moms to keep the pregnancy a secret from others while being graceful and beautiful. Besides, it’s totally worth having a stylish maternity wardrobe to keep the excitement going on for a newborn and for you to enjoy every moment of it before that little being comes into your life.

Moreover, you can think about investing in maternity belly band for the supreme comfort and support it gives you at the later stages of the pregnancy. They give excellent support to your back by gently easing pressure on your pelvis and back. So, if you make your mind about buying this belt then go for it and you won’t regret it ever. 

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