What Are the Symptoms of Twin Babies and Why Should You Care?

What Are the Symptoms of Twin Babies and Why Should You Care?

Being pregnant with twins is a blessing, it feels different but it comes with greater responsibility. Handling two lives together at the same time requires a lot of patience and attention once your twins take birth. 

Some mothers know from the beginning of pregnancy that they are carrying more than one baby. While some get surprised to find out that they are having twins. Definitely, you can’t know the second infant on the basis of how you feel. Only an ultrasound can confirm twins.

It can be exciting to have two hearts beating in your body but sometimes, it can be unpleasant too. So, to make the whole pregnancy a tad comfortable, you can lay your hands on a twin pregnancy belly support band and enjoy stabilization all day along. These breathable and lightweight belly bands are particularly designed for those who want to take good care of themselves right at the time they conceive a child. Overall, it’s a wise choice.



But, now let’s have a look at some of the signs and symptoms of twins that you may or may not be aware of:

1. Extreme Tiredness

During pregnancy, this happens to be one of the most common signs of multiples. Exhaustion and sleepiness during the first trimester can be heightened as the body is working constantly to nurture more than one child.

Besides, mothers who are bearing two infants tend to experience severe morning sickness as compared to moms having singletons.

2. Mother's Intuition

Hunches exist and for women especially, they have this acute sense of predicting a result on the basis of their gut feeling. So, it is imperative that if during the pregnancy you experience any such emotion of bearing twins, do talk to your spouse and family doctor about it. 

3. Baby Movement

To feel the moment of an infant inside your womb is the most thrilling experience for anyone. Isn’t it? However, moms bearing twins experience earlier fetal movement during the first trimester. 

Also, what seems like a fetal movement in the early stage of pregnancy could be a gastric issue or stomach infection.

4. Gaining Weight Quickly

Having twins can make you a bit heavier than a mom carrying a single infant. The amount of weight a woman gains depends on her body type, height, and how much she was weighed pre-pregnancy. 

As you have twins growing inside, the uterus stretches more as well. So, this also adds to your body weight. Apart from that, your diet could be the reason why you are gaining so much weight.

5. Fetal Ultrasound

Undeniably, seeing is believing. The only legit way to confirm a pregnancy is to check it via ultrasound. No doubt, an ultrasound image can easily identify if there is more than one fetus. So. If you are suspicious of carrying multiples, do discuss with your doctor and get the ultrasound checkup done.

By now, you’d know whether you have multiples or not. So, if you are having twins there are some important tips that you should follow to enjoy the pregnancy phase at ease and full comfort:

  • If there is a case of high-risk pregnancy then it's good to be informed of the things that could go wrong. Thus, do your own research thoroughly and discuss with your doctor the concerns you may have. It does sound a bit intimidating but there is nothing wrong with getting clarity on what’s going on inside your womb.
  • Never ever exert yourself to ask for help. Usually, women tend to feel that they are burdening others but there is no truth in it. So, reach out to your loved ones whenever you want to seek help.
  • Eat a lot of nutritious food and avoid junk food, if possible. Limit it to once a month only. It’s good for you and your twins. 
  • Practice meditation, yoga, and exercise during pregnancy. It prepares you for a smoother and a little painless delivery. Isn’t it amazing?

Congratulations on your twins. From feeling excited to panicky, you’d be experiencing a lot of emotions throughout the journey. It will be a bumpy ride for sure but an experience that would change both of you as individuals and help you become better human beings.

Thus, do not be hesitant and discuss all the symptoms, questions, anxieties, and risks involved in twin pregnancy with your doctor. 

Even if you have a single life growing inside you, it is best to get the right support that makes your pregnancy journey smooth and happy. You can think about investing in Gabrialla’s maternity belly support bands that help you stay active, healthy, and in a good mood. This belly band is no less than your best friend to give you that necessary comfort and care. 

So, think about it, check out the features, scroll through our wide collection of belly bands and see which one is your size. You would not be disappointed with your purchase at the end of the day when you take the belly band off your body.

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