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GABRIALLA MS-99 Pregnancy Support Belly Band

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Product Description

What if you have a bigger belly? Twins or multiples?

Though it is obviously great, it is even more strain and discomfort for your body, especially lower back, hips & legs.

Our durable GABRIALLA MS-99 strong Maternity Support Belt is created for women pregnant with twins or multiples, as well all pregnant women who want stronger back support. This maternity belt helps provide expecting moms with the support they need to stay comfortable, healthy and active throughout their entire pregnancy. This pregnancy belt is breathable, adjustable and designed to lessen the pre-existing back pain you may have. The belly band gently cradles your growing bump, easing pressure on your back and pelvis, gives extra support during usual daily activities, walking, running and exercising.

GABRIALLA Belly Bands help you get relief from joint, pelvic and back pain during pregnancy. All mentioned brings discomfort into mom’s everyday life and makes it hard to participate in the daily activities.

Unlike other maternity supports, none of our pregnancy belts ever use tummy straps that add extra dangerous strain to your bump. Instead, they provide gentle compression to help stabilize the hips, reducing pressure and helping moms stay more comfortable and supported as their bodies change. It is a great way to correct the posture and support weak abdominal muscles.

This belly band is a great help to wear postpartum up to a month after natural delivery or c section to ease the back, pelvic and abdomen discomfort. If you need further support you can look into our postpartum binders.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Doctor Recommended - For abdominal and lower back support for women carrying multiples. The belt helps to relieve extra spinal pressure during pregnancy reducing discomfort and chance of injury.
  • Adjustable to Fit Your Body - Features 8-inch-wide support in the back tapering down to 3 inches in the front with four stays and two additional side pulls to ensure a proper fit every time.
  • Stabilize Sensitive Hips - Can help compress and support the hips to stabilize and reduce pain.
  • Develop Fewer Stretch Marks - Offers extra support to your growing baby bump, reducing strain and likelihood of developing stretch marks.
  • Enjoy Better Posture - Promotes improved posture and the perfect amount of support for mothers who want to maintain an active lifestyle while pregnant.
  • Comfortable and helpful for workouts, exercises & running - Designed to provide just enough support for extra stability, without restricting movement allowing expecting mothers to maintain their active lifestyle throughout pregnancy. 

 Materials: Polyester 50% | Cotton 30% | Lycra 20%

Product Features and Benefits

Decreases Back Pain

Supports the uterus, prevents overextension of the lower back, encourages correct postures, and relieves the strain on your back, joints, and hips.

Double Pulls

The double pulls are designed to regulate the tension and compression on the belly, give better support and safety. This feature also makes the belt completely adjustable and designed to grow and change along with a woman's body.

Helps Prevent Belly Stretch Marks

Wearing a maternity belt can play a crucial role in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Awards & Certifications

Our pregnancy belly bands are FDA & Medicare approved. Our MS-96 and MS-96(i) maternity belts are the winners of multiple national awards and featured on the covers of multiple maternity and baby magazines

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Vieira
It fits!!

I have been on the search for a belt that fits for most of my pregnancy and this is one that actually does! I'm a larger and now that I am nearing 8 months I feel like a extra large. The design for me is a little off - the smallest part of the belt goes in front, and while standing it is fine. When I am seated that is a different story. I ended up turning is around ( so the velcro is in the back just to make this belt work cuz I do not want to have to resume the search again) from turning it around I had to get accustom to that fit, but I gotta say that seated with the belt like this doesn't cause too much pressure in the low belly. This belt does help to relieve my low back pain and take away some of the pressure off my gigantic uterus. Good luck on your prego belt search!


GABRIALLA MS-99 Pregnancy Support Belly Band

Kate Bell

I LOVE THIS!! This has been a back saver!! I have an ongoing back injury and am in my second trimester. This is worth every penny!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

Emily Balsis

This is my third belly support and the first that I have given 5 stars to!

Love this support belt

Love this support belt. Just started my third trimester and basically living in it since I started my second trimester. I have pre-existing lower back issues and was really worried about aggravating it with pregnancy but so far my back has been great. Maybe even better than before I was pregnant. It is bulkier than some that are less supportive but if you are concerned about your back, I highly recommend it.