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Gabrialla™ Pregnancy Support Belt | MS-96

Gabrialla™ Pregnancy Support Belt | MS-96

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Experience the award-winning Gabrialla™ Pregnancy Support Belt, trusted by experts and featured on renowned maternity and baby magazines. This FDA approved belt gently cradles your growing bump, relieving pressure on your back and pelvis during daily activities, walks, runs, and exercises. Designed to prevent overextension of the lower back and encourage proper posture, it supports your uterus and alleviates strain on your back, joints, and hips. Experience unparalleled postpartum relief from back, pelvic, and abdomen discomfort with our signature Pregnancy Support Belt.

✔️ Lifts and supports your growing bump for extra comfort.

✔️ Reduces strain and minimizes stretch marks for a comfortable pregnancy.

✔️ Ideal for workouts, offering stability and proper posture.

✔️ Trusted by doctors for excellent abdominal and back support.

✔️ Perfect for therapy treatments with convenient hot/cold therapy pocket.

Stay fit and active throughout your pregnancy with the adjustable, supportive design that adapts to your changing body.

    MATERIALPolyester 80% | Lycra 20%

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    Price $24.97 $29.97 $34.97 $49.95
    Pain Relief
    Prevents/Reduces Stretch Marks
    Improved Posture
    Discreet and Adjustable
    Extra Support X
    Comfortable for Workouts X
    Breathable Design X X
    Twin/Triplet Pregnancy Support X X X
    Double Pull
    Therapy Pocket X X
    Width 3" Back/ 3" Front 6" Back/ 3" Front 6" Back/ 3" Front 8" Back/ 3" Front
    Polyester 90% 80% 50% 50%
    Lycra 10% 20% 20% 20%
    Cotton X X 30% 30%
    Beige X X

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 233 reviews
    Amy L.
    Comfortable, supportive, and affordable

    I'm 27 weeks pregnant now and just starting to get a bit of back pain, so I opted to pick up this highly-rated band. I walk 6+ miles a day on my walking workstation and run a few days a week, and this band has been AMAZING for both those activities. No more back pain and my belly just feels nicely supported.My back gets a bit sweaty in this if I'm working hard, but it's not bad. Oh, and the pocket in the back for a hot/cold pack is excellent.

    Christina Z.
    Best support band for walking, bending, lifting!

    I tried three other brands of belly braces and I ended up loving this one the best! I’m 5’3” 32 weeks and currently around 175/180 lbs and I ordered a medium. Other brands had multiple straps which was a pain to take on/off to use restroom. Another brand I needed to strap behind my back…. Excuse me? I wanted something I could work in and easily take on and off on my own. I’m a Nurse Extern/CNA at a hospital and work 12 hour shifts. If you have bad ligament pain, running around after other kiddos or want something more supportive then the bands I would suggest this!!

    Excellent for Running

    I use this belt for running. It has helped me tremendously continue to stay active. I wish I would have bought it sooner. I started wearing this when I was 7 months pregnant and I am currently 37 weeks. I will be running a 5k next weekend at my 38 week mark! The belt has helped keep my baby bump stable and relieved the pressure from baby on my bladder while running!

    Amanda V.
    Very helpful - go smaller if pear shaped

    I am 25 weeks and a pear shape. For the past couple weeks, I struggled to walk for long distances due to ligament pain. I am carrying low due to a short waist, so baby is causing lots of bathroom trips too.Put the band on and instantly felt relief on the ligaments and bladder. Took a moment to figure out how to position properly, and I recommend if you are in between sizes or a pear shape go smaller. I bought a large, but I measure 42" which is the bottom of the XL. The XL would not have provided support like the large.Also, due to a short waist, the 6" panel is a bit uncomfortable in the back, but the relief I feel is worth the mild discomfort. Bonus - pants with a belly band now stay up instead of falling off.

    Caitlin Kedzie
    Supportive Belly Band

    This belly band has been helpful in reducing my back pain during both physical activity and while working a 12 hour shift as a nurse. My only complaint about this belly band is that the stitching in the velcro is already starting to separate from the band in less than 1 month of use making it less secure.