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Maternity Belt - Light Support 3 inches




RELIEVE LOW BACK PAIN - A majority of women experience low back pain during their pregnancy, but with this light back and abdominal support belt, you can relieve that extra pressure all day long.
PREVENT STRETCH MARKS - Unsightly stretch marks are any new mom’s worst fear, which is why this support belt is designed to help lessen your chances of developing these marks during pregnancy.
EXPERIENCE BETTER POSTURE - With its unique design, this maternity belt helps provide better balance and spinal support, meaning better posture and a more active lifestyle during your pregnancy.
STAY SUPPORTED ALL PREGNANCY LONG - From your second trimester all the way through your pregnancy, this belt can be adjusted to fit your body’s changes.
ENJOY DISCRETE COMFORT - This lightweight support belt is only 3" wide, meaning it is barely noticeable under clothes, plus it is made of breathable elastic, so you don't have to worry about overheating while wearing your maternity belt.


If you are looking for just a hint of support during your pregnancy, but don’t want the bulk and stiffness that other support belts offer, then the GABRIALLA Light Maternity Support Belt is for you. Lightweight comfort and reliable support now come together in this subtle 3” wide maternity belt, which was crafted to provide discrete support thanks to its breathable elastic design. Just slip this pregnancy belt on under your clothes and enjoy better comfort and stabilization all day long.
This adjustable belt features a Velcro closure so it can grow and change along with your body during pregnancy. While this pregnancy belt is lightweight, it still provides plenty of support, helping alleviate strain on your body so you can stay healthy, active and comfortable from the beginning of your pregnancy right through postpartum recovery.

Size Chart

Measure circumference from lower back to underbelly.
Medir la circunferencia de la baja espalda a vientre.

pregnancy belt belly band back support

Prior to fitting, detach side pulls. Once fitted comfortably, adjust side pulls to desired level of support.