5 Most Recommended Ways to Reduce Tummy after Pregnancy

5 Most Recommended Ways to Reduce Tummy after Pregnancy

Having trouble losing tummy fat, even weeks after delivery? Don’t you worry, it’s pretty normal, most women experience the stubborn fat around the abdomen after pregnancy. 

But, are there ways to get rid of this fat? Fortunately, yes, and in this article, we are going to shed light on these. So, scroll down and find out.

Tummy after Pregnancy

#1 Use Recovery Belt

Bringing bundles of joy & happiness is a wonderful experience, but it has its set of challenges. The biggest being the tummy bulge after pregnancy, just about every woman has to deal with it. But, there is a simple way to significantly reduce the belly and get back in shape after pregnancy, it is the recovery belt or commonly known as the abdominal binder.

How does it work? Decades back our grannies when they became mothers used to tie a sturdy piece of cloth post-pregnancy. The popular belief is that tying the cloth around the abdomen is helpful and plays a crucial role in gradually getting rid of the belly pooch after pregnancy. And, in the modern-day world, doctors suggest ladies wear an after pregnancy belt to reduce their tummy.

Now, an abdominal belt is a tight piece of clothing with an elastic fit to be worn around the stomach. It presents snug-fit support to both the muscles and walls of the abdomen. The recovery belt is safe to wear after normal or C-section delivery, a few days after based on your doctor’s advice. With C-section delivery, ensure that the belt does not interfere with the scar as it can cause more pain.

Even though there is no scientific backing to suggest that recovery belts are perfect to reduce tummy fat-post pregnancy, in the real world. But, most women have experienced the benefits of wearing them. Some even wear it to manage stubborn back pain after surgical delivery.

#2 It’s Time to Move

Before you indulge in any form of exercise following your pregnancy, make sure to consult your healthcare provider to know it's safe to start moving. Upon your doctor’s advice, start with walking, never overdo it, if you feel comfortable, even ten minutes of walking is enough.

When your body feels right, you can begin with postpartum yoga or a little bit of aerobics with caution. Try to exercise alternative days to have ample time for body recovery. If you feel discomfort moving around, then wear an abdominal belt to support your entire back.

#3 Eat Small, Frequent Meals

We do not advise you to embrace any strict form of diet after pregnancy, your body needs all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen back to resume your normal routine. But, what we suggest is not to opt for one big meal, and consume too many calories. Instead, eat frequently, but in small portions.

Keep your metabolism working efficiently by taking six small meals during the day.

Add fresh fruits and nuts to your diet over calorie-packed snacks. So, stock your kitchen cabinets with high-fiber & low-fat snacks.

#4 Eat Lean Protein

Swap fatty meat with lean protein options such as fish & chicken. Salmon is a rich source of omega 3s, which is known to help women reduce inflammation around the abdomen and lose weight.

Women who are breastfeeding should avoid the intake of tuna and swordfish, because of concerns about the methylmercury levels.

#5 Drink Plenty of Water

Water is like oiling the engine to keep the body moving smoothly.  Hydration is indispensable to improve digestion, managing appetite, and losing weight.

Want to know whether you are dehydrated? Press your skin, and if it doesn't spring back, then you will probably be dehydrated. You should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

#6 Breastfeeding

Another best way to lose weight after pregnancy is to breastfeed your baby, as then you lose approximately 500 calories in a day.

However, one thing to note here is that you are getting a good amount of protein to produce breast milk. With breastfeeding, there is nothing more satisfying than burning fat, even when your body is resting.

The Bottom Line

If you’re serious about reducing your tummy after pregnancy, then we suggest you consult your doctor and wear a recovery belt. Not only, it will help ease some pain from C-section surgery, but also help you move more and lose more.

But, don’t just buy any after pregnancy belt to reduce tummy, make sure you research well to buy a high-quality after pregnancy belt, which is tried and tested to be safe for new mums.

Google could be the best place to get all the reviews and ratings before you hit the buy button.

Do you have any other practical way to tummy tuck after pregnancy, share with us in the comment section. We would love to hear about your ways of getting better post-pregnancy so our viewers can benefit from it.

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