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9" Abdominal Binder - Breathable Medium Support (AB-309)



Now you can feel comfortable, confident and well-supported as you adjust to your post-baby body with this Gabrialla Women’s 9" Abdominal Binder. Created to provide medium support that offers strength and flexibility, this support binder will help promote quicker healing and an easier, faster recovery. This Gabrialla postpartum belt is designed to offer unparalleled support that your abdomen needs as you heal and recover from a C-section or other surgery. With 9 inches wide support, you can get the binding power you need to not only heal quicker but to reach your post-baby weight loss goals even faster. Even with its wider design and more durable support, the breathable elastic material in this support binder makes it ultra-comfortable so you can wear this binder all day long.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Speed Up Recovery Recommended by medical experts to help promote faster recovery following C-sections and other surgeries
  • Instant Slimming Made with adjustable pulls that hug the waist and are almost invisible under clothing, providing an instantly slimmer silhouette
  • Lose Inches Faster Redistributes weight, helps improve balance and helps with weight loss goals
  • Enjoy Extra Support Made with a  9 inch wide, ultra-supportive design with two flaps, for structure and extra-abdominal or breast binding support


Materials: Polyester 42% | Cotton 30% | Nylon 18% | Lycra 10%

Customer Reviews

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Lakeysha Vaughn
I wear a size 18 and my stomach was pretty big from my current issue(looked like i was about ...

I bought this product for an up coming abdominal surgery. This binder is huge so if you need one for a larger abdomen this the one to get. I wear a size 18 and my stomach was pretty big from my current issue(looked like i was about 4 months pregnant). I knew it might be larger after surgery so i ordered the 2xl. It was huge i could have easliy fit their xl maybe even large for a snug fit. The binder will hold you in. It has medium to mild support but gets the job done. I would order again in a smaller size.

Five Stars

Great product to help get things right again!

Barbara J.
Exchange Product

I have previously reviewed my purchase. I am willing to try the suggested product provided Medbarn allows me to exchange the binder I purchased for the suggested binder. Please advise. Thanks. Barbara

Barbara J.
Not what I expected.

I was looking for a replacement for the binder I received in the hospital to protect my G-tube. The Gabrialla is a great binder - breathable, which is very important to me. It was, however, too stiff and just will not work for me.

the quality is good and surely will use it for years

his product helped me a lot after I gave birth due to C-Section. It really supports healing because it keep my surgery protected... the quality is good and surely will use it for years