5 Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

5 Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

tips for weight loss after pregnancy

5 Tips for Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Doctors say a woman will gain a healthy 25-35 pounds over the course of pregnancy.  This weight gain is normal, but it’s difficult to not freak out about not fitting into any of your pre-pregnancy clothes after the baby comes!  Being a new mom with an infant that needs constant attention while also trying to lose weight—seems impossible right?  Don’t you fret—even Kim Kardashian gained 70 pounds during her second pregnancy and was able to get back to her pre-pregnancy body. Here are 5 tips to help you get back to yours too.

1. Get Some Sleep

Not getting enough sleep has been proven to stall weight loss. According to Eve Van Cauter, director of the Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center at the University of Chicago, not enough sleep leads to an increase in appetite, which can lead to overeating.  Before your baby settles into a routine and sleeps through the night, getting 8 hours of sleep is next to impossible. Some common advice you’ve probably heard is, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” Follow this advice and squeeze in all the naps you can during the day!

2. Eat Healthily, But Don’t Diet

Life as a mom with a newborn is hectic: so on some days, cooking is out of the question. Instead of turning to quick and easy fast food or take out, have some well-balanced frozen meals and pre-prepared snacks ready to go! Chopped up veggie sticks and fruit slices are great to store in the fridge, but make sure to also some have foods you love to munch on once in a while. An exhausted stressed out mom who feels restricted by her “diet” is the perfect recipe for a binge eating disaster. So be sure to treat yourself once in a while to curb your cravings and stay on track.

3. Wear an Abdominal Binder or Shapewear

An abdominal binder is a compression garment that you wear around your waist. Many women have no idea of the benefits an abdominal binder can provide. Our Gabrialla Abdominal Binders can help to:

  • Promote faster healing after a C-section
  • Redistribute weight and improve balance
  • Provide extra support all day long and during workouts
  • Promote faster reshaping of the waist

Another option is to wear shapewear while working towards your weight loss goals. Gabrialla offers an entire Body Shaping Lingerie collection. Here are some of the benefits Gabrialla shapewear offers:

  • Made with natural Milk Protein Fibers that massage the skin with wear, reducing the appearance of stretch marks
  • Help compress, contour, and tighten the waist
  • Moisturize the skin with wear, for fresh, rejuvenated looking skin

4. Get a Work-Out Buddy

Once your baby arrives, it seems that you eat, sleep, breathe all things baby-related. It’s hard to feel like you have enough time or energy to take care of yourself, not just your baby. You may barely find yourself even leaving the house!   But you still need to get exercise.  Find another new mom and plan walking dates. This is a fun, enjoyable way to get out of the house, get some exercise, and even some social time. All the while your baby is being exposed to fresh air, sunshine and new environments.

5. Lift Weights

Some days, you won’t have the time to get outside and walk, but exercise is still important!  Weightlifting burns more calories than most cardio workouts. In addition weight lifting builds muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn while even SLEEPING.  Yes, this you burn calories while you sleep!  Even better, you don’t need to go out and buy a set of weights; you can use the weight of holding your baby while you do some squats and lunges.

The main thing to remember is patience!  As long as you maintain a healthy diet, regular (as regular as possible) sleep schedule, and get some exercise in, you’ll be back to your pre-pregnancy body in no time! And isn’t have that little baby in your arms so worth it? 

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