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Compression Stockings & Tights Solutions for when you are Expecting

Pregnancy changes women not just in a physical way but emotionally as well. As much as this special phase seems exciting and fun, it is no less than challenges. Mild pain in your feet and backaches are pretty normal until you start noticing swelling and varicose veins. 

We are very sure, you don’t want to suffer through this, right? Fortunately, one way to alleviate varicose veins or to stop them from getting worse is to slip on a pair of compression support stockings. They are specially designed for pregnant women that actually give the right support to their legs to help them stay healthy during pregnancy. 

Compression stocks are highly recommended by doctors from the beginning of pregnancy until the baby arrives. If you wear them at the start of the day, you’ll stay active throughout the day and your body will feel light ultimately. 

Why wear support stockings?

The condition of swollen legs and feet is known as oedema. The survey says that around 75% of pregnant women experience such symptoms after 27 weeks of being pregnant. That’s why it makes sense to invest in a quality pair of compression stockings and ease your pain. 

1. Better blood circulation

As your body transitions from the first trimester to the second and third trimester, your uterus starts to grow which puts a lot of weight on your legs. This further leads to poor circulation of blood. 

Besides, hormonal changes during pregnancy also give rise to blood clots which sometimes, may lead to deep vein thrombosis. This is one of the reasons why wearing compression stockings is an excellent way to keep yourself away from added health concerns of pregnancy.

2. Prevent varicose veins 

Do you see bluish veins appearing on your legs? Well, they are called varicose veins which occur when the valves of the veins don’t function in the right manner. And, unfortunately, it can be a little painful as well. 

But, wearing compression stockings can help in improving your blood circulation which in turn, decreases the possibility of varicose veins getting worse. 

3. Reduces swelling

During pregnancy, a woman’s body emits fluids and blood to nurture the life growing inside the womb. Sometimes, the increased fluids can swell feet and legs. So, if you’re someone who has a standing job most times of the day, stocking is the solution for all the swelling and pain you feel in your legs.

Prior to making the decision of buying compression stockings, be sure to keep the below-mentioned factors in mind:

  • Length: These stockings come in various lengths and styles - from ankle length to thigh and knee-length. Thus, you can decide on any length that goes well with your health and body size requirements.

  • Size: Similar to your pair of socks, these compression stockings also come in various sizes from small, medium to large ones. However, the size of the sock varies from brand to brand so make sure you do check that before buying it.

  • Comfort: It’s important that you’re comfortable wearing your pair of stockings. But, if you feel your socks are leaving marks on your skin or too tight that your feet are getting pressed then you must go for a lighter compression level of stockings. 

  • Compression level: These socks come in various compression levels ranging from 8mmHg to 50mmHg. But, doctors mostly recommend higher compression levels. So, if you’re not seeking any specific compression level, then you can opt for this one.

  • How do support stockings work?

    It is great if you wear them right when your day starts. Because, when your day progresses, you’d experience some swelling over your legs and feet. And, that’s when it becomes challenging to put on a pair of compression stockings. 

    Although, you’re not supposed to wear them at night as they become too tight on your skin. And, when your body is at rest during the night, your blood circulation is usually pretty good. So, you won’t be needing any compression at night. 

    There are two types of compression stockings that you can easily find online at various maternity wear stores. They are:

  • Graduation compression stockings: These socks are highly popular among pregnant women as they come in different levels of tightness. They are most tight around your ankle and loose towards your thighs or knees. If you’re not sure which level would suit you the most, then it is best to consult your doctor or midwife. 

  • Anti-embolism stockings: These stockings help keep blood clots at bay and improve the circulation of blood in your body. They are mainly used by people who are on bed rest after surgical treatment.

  • Pregnancy is no less than a roller coaster. Isn’t it? It gives you the thrill and special feeling of experiencing life growing inside your womb. But, it brings its own discomforts due to weight gain, fluctuating hormones, and other changes happening in the body. 

    During this phase, your body releases a hormone called relaxing which prepares your body for childbirth but it also gives rise to body pain and aches. Stretching can help and so is the use of compression stocking. 


    Before you place an order for compression stockings, we’d suggest you first talk to your doctor and get advice on the type of stocking that’d be a perfect fit for you.

    You can check out our wide variety of compression stockings that are available in different colors and sizes to help you make a wise decision. We provide free shipping throughout the USA. So, leverage this opportunity of getting a high-quality and beautiful product with no shipping charges.

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