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Why Every Mom Should Wear a Postpartum Girdle

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Are you a woman recovering from C-section or natural childbirth? Are you looking to get back into your pre-baby body? Say hello to the amazing body shapers that can perform wonders, called postpartum girdles. Medically approved and doctor-recommended, postpartum girdles are a type of shapewear that helps newly delivered mothers feel confident and comfortable again quickly. Alongside healthy eating and fitness, postpartum girdles have a major role in getting back into shape.

As a special compression garment that you wear around your midsection, postpartum girdles can speed healing, increase blood flow, and reduce swelling. During pregnancy, your muscles are stretched to the limit and the growing baby pushes your organs out of the way. The uterus extends beyond the pelvis into the abdomen and by the end of your pregnancy, your stomach gets pushed up close to your heart. And when the baby is born, you are left with an empty uterus that needs six weeks to shrink back to its normal size. Pregnancy girdles can speed up this process, help you lose the post-pregnancy tummy faster, and most importantly, they can help new moms get active again after giving birth.

When and How Long to Wear a Postpartum Girdle

Postpartum girdles are part of the postpartum plan. It is recommended that you start wearing your girdle after delivery and wear it for four to six weeks to reap the maximum benefits. If you are wearing the girdle after a C-section, then you should take it off after the stitches heal and when you are no longer feeling pressure on the lower abdomen. You should wear it as often as possible in order to get the sought-after results. A lot of moms only take theirs off when they shower! That means they are wearing their girdle even during sleep.

What is the Difference Between a Postpartum Girdle and a Maternity Belt?

Basically, a maternity belt is a carefully designed piece of shapewear that is intended to make pregnancy easier. Maternity belts are worn during pregnancy in order to support your pregnant belly and lower back, relieve pain, and make everyday life easier. Whether you are at work, exercising, or out shopping, maternity belts provide many benefits to pregnant women who want to stay active.

On the other hand, postpartum girdles are used post-pregnancy for the similar reasons mentioned above.

Benefits of Wearing a Gabrialla Postpartum Girdle

During your nine months of pregnancy, your body goes through extra fat, flabby skin, stretch marks, and back pain. In order to go back to its original shape, it needs a helping hand. The Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles are meticulously designed to do just that! You will look better, you will feel better! Here is how the Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles can speed up the recovery process:

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  • Post-delivery recovery. A Gabrialla Postpartum Girdle can offer protection and support to the s-section incision. It reduces the chances of the c-section sutures breaking, the c-section incision being harmed due to quick movements, and the wound reopening. Moreover, it aids with relieving the swelling of the abdominal area and limits the painful tissue movements. Now you can fearlessly cough, laugh, and get up from bed to enjoy your new life with your baby.
  • Muscles recovery. During pregnancy, the abdomen is deflated and it takes time for the muscles to contract. Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles can hold these muscles and the skin in the right position in order to enable better posture.
  • Lower back pain relief. Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles reduce uterus swelling by supporting and compressing the abdominal and lumbar regions. This results in improved posture, back pain relief, and faster recovery. Conditions including scoliosis, spinal curvature, and radiculitis can also be treated.

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    • Uncontrollable skin movement protection. The Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles beautifully wrap around your belly, preventing uncontrollable movement of your skin in the midsection area. This can prevent the appearance of stretch marks and the damage of the skin’ elasticity. You will no longer feel like your organs are moving around in the extra space in your midsection area.
    • Self-esteem improvement. The Gabrialla Postpartum Girdles will help your post-baby body look slimmer instantly and go back to its normal state. Your body will begin to normalize, letting you wear regular clothes without feeling embarrassed. Getting back into your old pre-pregnancy clothes will undoubtedly put a big smile on your post-baby face.
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