What to Expect at Your Baby Shower

What to Expect at Your Baby Shower

Maternity SupportHow to Prepare for Your Baby Shower

At this point in your pregnancy, you may be feeling tired, swollen, and nowhere near ready to party.  Well—you better get ready because the day of your first baby shower is sure to be wonderful.  This day will be solely about you and the new precious life you’ve created—and something about that feels magical.  If this is your first pregnancy, you’re surely excited for the shower, but what should you expect? Are you supposed to entertain your guests? How will your sister know who to invite?  Should you register for gifts?  Will there even be gifts?! Rest easy mama, everything you need to know to prepare for your shower is covered in three tips below:

1. Create Your Own Guest List

Do your shower host a favor and send her your guest list about 10 weeks before the actual day. Whether your host is your sister, best friend, or mom she doesn’t know your friends and family like you do. Your first baby shower is an important day for you but also for those who love you. Spend some time brainstorming your complete guest list, making sure to include everyone who you know would love to celebrate with you and leaving out anyone who might put a damper on the day. This day should be stress-free and full of delight for you (and the baby), so the perfect guest list is essential.

2. Be Prepared to Socialize

Some of your shower guests will most likely be people you don’t chat with every day, so they’ll want the scoop. Was your morning sickness bad? What have you been craving? Have you had bad heartburn? Have you decided if you want an epidural? These are questions you’ll be asked about 20 times by different people. You may be standing answering these questions for the majority of your party, and your belly can begin to feel extremely heavy. To avoid any pain or discomfort be sure to order a Maternity Support Belt to wear to your shower.  Maternity Supports offer the following benefits that just might save you at your shower:

- Relieve lower back pain

- Provide extra support for your growing baby bump

- Reduce the likelihood and appearance of stretch marks

- Made with breathable material

- Discreet enough to be worn under your baby shower dress

3. Register for Gifts

A huge part of the fun at baby showers is the gifts! Don’t be shy about registering for items you’d like to at your favorite baby clothing/toy shop—your guests will thank you for it. But, you should remember to be polite. Be sure to choose items that are in the low to mid-priced range so everyone can buy you a gift you’ll love! Don’t forget to let your host know so she can inform your party guests where you are registered before the party.

4. Refreshments

It is not mandatory, but you should offer to help your party host with refreshments. This will take some stress off her and you can feel good about pitching in. Ask her what she’s planning to do for food and then take half of the responsibility. Even if she refuses your help, it’s nice to offer and shows her you care about all the effort she’s made to make your party great!

5. Bring Kleenex!

Expect plenty of tears to be shed! Your mom, grandmothers, and aunts will surely have many stories to share about you and what brought you to this moment. Your first child is a huge milestone in your journey to growing up and your mother is bound to get emotional—and you probably will too!  Amongst all the advice being shared and stories exchanged (and not to mention the excess surge of pregnancy hormones), packing a few tissues couldn’t hurt!

All in all, ENJOY this time as a new expecting mother. This celebration will be one of the most special times in your life. You deserve it!

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