what to bring in your carry on luggage if your pregnant

Pregnancy Carry-On Checklist

Compression Hosiery

Although it may seem daunting, traveling with a bump is WAY easier than traveling with an actual baby.  So take advantage of the time you still have without a baby and go on a well-deserved vacation!  Here are a few things you should pack in a carry-on if you’re planning to fly while pregnant.

Heartburn Medicine

As I’m sure you’ve already experienced, heartburn is very common during pregnancy.  Heartburn happens when the valve between the stomach and esophagus fails to keep stomach acid from entering the esophagus.  This is more common during pregnancy because there is an excess of the hormone, progesterone, which causes this valve to relax, allowing stomach acid to pass through to the esophagus.  Being stuck in the air over the middle of an ocean with pain in your chest and no treatment is brutal.  Be sure to pack some heartburn medicine—TUMS have been deemed safe to take during pregnancy.

Doctor’s Note

If you are between 28 and 35 weeks pregnant, you must have a note from your doctor, clearing you to travel on an airplane.  Some airlines are lenient and don’t always check for the note, but to be safe you should have it with you.  The note must be dated within 5 days of your flight date in order to be valid.  If your bump is large early on, before 28 weeks, you should also consider getting a note of clearance in case your chosen airline doesn’t allow you on the plane.  If you look farther along in your pregnancy, airlines will not let you on the flight to avoid and liability issues.  At 36 weeks pregnant it is no longer safe or allowed to fly while pregnant.

Easy to Carry Luggage

To avoid any heavy lifting, be sure to invest in a small, rolling carry on suitcase.  Ideally, it’s best to find the kind that has four wheels so you can push your suitcase along while you walk with ease.  When stowing your carry-on, ask a flight attendant to lift your bag into the overhead bin for you.  Be sure to take everything you need out of your carry-on before stowing it so you won’t need to lift it down throughout the flight.

Compression Socks

Feet and leg swelling is common or many people when flying.  The chance that your feet and legs will swell drastically increases if you are traveling while pregnant.  Fortunately, Gabrialla offers an entire Compression Collection to combat the swelling and pain.  Be sure to pack some Gabrialla Compression Hosiery in your carry-on to enjoy the following benefits while flying:

 -Stylish, so no one will know you’re wearing compression stockings

-Made with graduated compression, so the pressure is stronger on feet and calves and decreases further up the leg

-Reduce feet and leg swelling on planes and everyday activities

-Prevents and treats varicose veins

-Improves blood circulation

-Comes in various styles and colors, so you can choose the style that works best with your look

Flat Shoes

In addition to compressions socks, a good pair of flat shoes is essential for a fun vacation.  Walking through the airport juggling your luggage and the extra weight of your bump can be exhausting.  It is important to have flat shoes to wear so you can remain as comfortable as possible and have as much fun as possible until your baby arrives!

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