pregnancy belly band benefits

Pregnancy Belly Band: Benefits & support for expecting mothers

Pregnancy Belly Band

Pregnancy is a delightful yet tough time. With the belly growing, women start feeling all sorts of discomforts, especially in the lower back area. The little bundle of joy growing inside the belly can make a woman stress out and have a lot of strain on different parts of the body especially the back. There are a variety of support garments available in the market but one that stands out of the pack is Belly Band. Claimed to be the most useful product, a high-quality belly band can offer great benefits to expecting and new mothers. There is a variety of belly bands available in the market, suitable for pregnancy and even postpartum phases.

While there are many benefits of using a belly band, there is not much awareness about the product. Moreover, a lot of myths make it more daunting for an expecting or new mom to even try wearing a belly band. In this article, we have jotted down detailed information about belly bands and how they are beneficial for expecting mothers. When you buy a high-quality belly band and use it the right way, the benefits are endless. But, before we discuss why one should invest in a belly band, let us first learn what exactly it is.

What is a Belly Band?

Belly bands are flexible tube-like garments or bands with a Velcro that are worn by pregnant ladies around their belly. There are a variety of belly bands in the market, most of them provide mild compression support to the hip, abdomen, and lower back area. There are many sizes, shapes, and colors, and design options. The best ones also have an elastic or rubber trim which prevents the band from bunching up or slipping down.

Pregnant ladies wear maternity belts for different reasons, but most of them wear it to get extra back support. Keeping clothes in place and hiding any exposed skins remain other reasons to wear belly bands. Usually, belly bands are made of spandex, cotton, and other easy to wear and stretch fabrics. They are usually adjustable to offer a better fit.

As per the experts, as the pregnancy grows, the size of the uterus grows and the ligaments around the abdomen are stretched to their maximum capacity which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Belly bands help to make this phase more comfortable for expecting mothers. So, let us learn some of the key benefits of belly bands.

It Helps In Decreasing The Pain

While back and joint pain are common during pregnancy, they are actually very traumatic. The pain can grow so intense that participating in day to day activities may become tough. As per the report, over 71 percent of ladies suffer from lower back pain during the pregnancy while 65 percent of ladies complained of pelvic girdle pain.

Belly bands have proved to be very beneficial in helping relieve the pain as it provides support to the lower back. The extra support from the maternity support belt ensures that you can do your day to day activities with ease and comfort.

Pregnant ladies also suffer from Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, which is a pain that occurs in the hip joints. The pain is very intense but can be eased down by wearing a belly band that offers support to the loose and less stable hip joints.

Some ladies also experience round ligament pain during the second trimester. This pain is felt as a sharp to dull ache on the front of the hip and below the belly. Wearing a belly band offers support to the abdominal region which helps subside the pain.

The Compression from the Belly Band Helps in Performing Activities

Leaving the belly to hang loose may add discomfort to your already stressful condition. Wearing a belly band offers mild compression to your body which supports the uterus. This means you will feel less discomfort and will be able to move and perform day to day activities easily.

However, it is advised to check the compression and ensures that the band is not too tight as it may result in impaired blood circulation in the belly area.

Help Restore A Proper Posture

Facilitating proper posture during pregnancy is very important. Wearing a belly band offers external cues to the body which helps in maintaining proper posture. The belly band supports the lower back and torso which helps in posture maintenance. Besides, it helps prevent the overextension of the lower back.

If you have noticed pregnant women with a swayback posture, it is because they are carrying a lot of weight at the front of their body and the muscles and ligaments at the end of the spine are overburdened because of all the stretching. That is why it is so important to support the spine with the maternity belt and give more comfort.

Helps Prevent Leg Swellings

As belly bands provide support to the body, it helps the weight of the growing belly to be evenly distributed. The support ensures that the weight does not put extra stress on one particular area especially on the lower back or legs. This helps prevent legs swelling as it feels more comfortable carrying equally distributed weight.

Reduces The Risk Of Falls

Falling while pregnant is the last thing you would want. When you wear a belly band, you are better supported and also have a more stabilized pelvis. This ensures that you can maintain proper balance and eliminate any risk of falling or getting injured.

Ease While Exercising

In the later months of pregnancy, the weight of the belly is the heaviest which means that it can obstruct your exercise and fitness routine. Wearing a belly band helps to ease movements as the extra support allows more composed movements. It is comfortable to walk, run, or exercise while wearing a belly band. If you want continue working out and enjoy your fitness sessions while pregnant maternity belt/belly band is a must. You must buy the Best belly band for working out pregnant and enjoy your fitness sessions.

Eliminate The Risk Of Pre-Term Contractions

One of the key reasons for pre-term contractions is the stress from the extra weight and strain on the body. Belly bands offer the right support which ensures that the extra weight of the body is equally distributed and there is less stress. A less stressful body is also less prone to experiencing pre-term contractions.

Reduces Pressure On The Bladder

The extra pressure on the bladder because of the heavy belly can cause the urge to urinate more frequently. This can be avoided by wearing a belly band that provides support to the growing belly. The Maternity belt lifts the belly which relieves the pressure from the bladder.

These Bands Can Be Worn Post-Pregnancy

Even after giving birth to a child, women may feel a lack of strength in the core area. The stretched muscles and ligaments take some time to heal and become as good as new. The belly band you bought for support during pregnancy can be helpful even after childbirth. You can wear it up to one month after delivery to keep the core section of the body supported and composed. If you want further support it would be great to wear postpartum belly wraps or binders designed to heal faster and regain your shape quicker.

What You Should Know About Wearing Belly Bands?

  • It is recommended to wear a belly band for short intervals, usually 2-3 hours at a time.
  • Consult with your doctor about wearing a belly band or any other sort of compression garment.
  • If you are experiencing pain and aches, it is best to consult with a doctor and not rely entirely on a maternity belt.
  • Even before using the best postpartum belly wrap, a doctor’s consultation is a must.

There are many health and support benefits of wearing belly bands. However, you must wear the pregnancy belly band after consulting with a doctor and follow the instructions.

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