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5 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

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So you’re having a baby? Congratulations! The weeks leading up to your due date will be some of the most exciting and memorable times of your life as you decorate the nursery, debate with your partner about potential names, and discover the gender of your new baby.

Naturally, new parents want to share their excitement with others. Gender reveal parties have taken social media by storm. Expectant parents invite their friends and families to eat baby blue and pink colored treats and make guesses about what gender might be. Meanwhile, a close friend has planned an extravagant way to reveal the gender of the baby to everyone in attendance, including the parents!  Many families film the reactions of parents, creating an everlasting memory of the moment they found out they were having their little prince or princess. Every day, a new, unique way to reveal the gender of a couple’s unborn baby is being shared across all social media platforms. 

Thinking of hosting your own gender-reveal party? Here are 5 of our favorite ideas you can use to reveal the gender of your little one:

1. Cake Surprise

Delicious Cake

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A delicious way to reveal the gender of your baby is with a cake! Many bakeries have caught on to this gender reveal trend and can bake a cake like this one to order. If you plan to make the cake yourself all you have to do is add blue or red food coloring to your cake batter before you bake it. Frost the cake with a white or yellow frosting so hide the color of the cake. Dig in and your baby’s gender will be revealed!

2. Balloon Box 

Balloon Decoration

Photo via Kara's Party Ideas .com on Pinterest

This gender reveal idea is perfect for a fun photo op to document the memory!  Decorate the outside of a cardboard box with a neutral color like black, white, or yellow. Fill the box with pink or blue balloons and confetti and lightly tape the box closed. Attach a long string to one of the closed flaps on the box. Hang the box upside-down, piñata style! Stand under the box with your partner and pull the string to release a waterfall of pink or blue over your heads.

3. Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

Photo via Kelci Sears on Pinterest

There are many tutorials to build these confetti canons yourself, but to avoid a possible malfunction that would ruin the highly anticipated reveal, we suggest you purchase some. When using them at your party, start a countdown with your guests that ends with a huge pop of blue or pink confetti as everyone launches their own cannon!

4. Smoke Bombs

Smoke Bombs

Photo via Lauren Costello on Pinterest

This is another idea that makes for fabulous photos. You will need to purchase these smoke bombs, but the result is totally worth it. The smoke will be colored either blue or pink and when you light them you’ll be surrounded by the color associated with your baby’s gender. This is also a good gender reveal for couples who want to learn the news privately, with a photographer present to capture the sweet moment. 

5. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

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This gender reveal is a loud one, so be sure to cover your ears but never your eyes or you’ll miss it! For this, all you need is a black balloon helium-filled balloon and some pink or blue confetti!  Invite your party guests to gather around the balloon, grab a needle and POP! Out comes the confetti, revealing your brand new baby’s gender.

Hopefully one or two one these ideas have given you some inspiration for your own party!

 By: Kristen Topham

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