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Maternity Pantyhose - Medium Compression




SUPPORT YOUR LEGS AND FEET - Improve blood flow, reduce pain, and energize legs for less fatigue.
PREVENT VARICOSE VEINS - the typical condition of pregnant women.
ENJOY LONGER - Last much longer than traditional hosiery.
FEEL STYLISH - Sheer hosiery looks great with dresses and skirts.
ELASTIC POUCH accommodates growing tummy during pregnancy.



Energize tired, aching feet and legs during pregnancy with these fashionable GABRIALLA maternity compression pantyhose that provide 20 to 22 mmHg of compression. The medium compression helps reduce the leg swelling and tiredness associated with pregnancy and weight gain, while also minimizing pregnancy-related varicose veins. Made from premium material that's comfortable against your skin, these doctor-recommended pantyhose are essential for moms-to-be who sit or stand frequently during the day. A special elastic pouch accommodates your growing tummy, providing graduated support that's more intense around the ankles and lessens as it moves further up the legs. The result is improved blood circulation, re-energized legs and feet, and alleviation of swelling-induced pain.

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maternity pantyhose medium compression