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Gabrialla™ Maternity Compression Pantyhose: 23-30 mmHG | H-340

Gabrialla™ Maternity Compression Pantyhose: 23-30 mmHG | H-340

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Discover the Ultimate Solution for Swelling Legs and Feet During Pregnancy: 

Experience instant relief with our firm graduated compression of 23 to 30 mmHg, providing targeted support that gradually decreases along your legs. Say goodbye to swelling and hello to enhanced blood circulation, pain alleviation, prevention of blood clots, and effective treatment for painful varicose veins. Indulge in premium comfort and durability with our sheer pantyhose, specially designed for moms-to-be who spend long hours sitting or standing. Don't let pregnancy slow you down—embrace comfort and style with Gabrialla™ Maternity Compression Pantyhose!

  • Boost Circulation, Relieve Discomfort: Trust in the expertise of doctors, who recommend our pantyhose for the treatment of varicose veins.
  • Revitalize Your Legs: Say Goodbye to Swelling, Fatigue, and Pain
  • Tailored to Your Bump: Unique Elastic Pouch Accommodates Your Growing Tummy
  • Invest in Quality: Save Money with 7-10 Times Longer Lifespan Compared to Regular Hosiery
  • Style and Comfort Combined: Sheer Hosiery that Exudes Elegance and Comfort

 Materials: Nylon 75% | Spandex 25%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

The ankles are the trickiest part to get on. I’m 36 weeks so it’s a challenge to manage so my husband helps me lol. It’s a comedy. But we drove multiple hours in the cars and another time did lots of walking an these really helped! I wore them with a dress and boots and also under jeans.


They do the job, the compression is ok. But it feels a little bit too tight in my belly. I am 28 weeks pregnant, 5". I ordered the medium, maybe I should be order a bigger size.

Marguerite Gallant

They keep riding down and driving me crazy.

Adriana Hernandez

The product is not right around the stomach. It fit just perfect.

They worked good and looked nice but they were difficult to get ...

They shouldn't make compression pantyhose for pregnant women. They worked good and looked nice but they were difficult to get on when you can hardly bend over!