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Abdominal and Back Support Girdle




EXCELLENT SUPPORT TO THE ABDOMINAL AND HIP AREA provided with this Abdominal and Back Support with lace materials.
INCLUDES A LATERAL OPENING with additional hooks and zipper for added strength and convenience.
EXTENDED LEGS help slim the thigh area and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
BREATHABLE AND BEAUTIFUL - This girdle is made with a lace elastic material.
HELPS IMPROVE YOUR FIGURE and slims it up to two sizes.
REINFORCED BACK prevents or reduces lower back pain.


The GABRIALLA Abdominal and Back Support Girdle is designed to shape your body and provide the support you need, so you can tackle the more important things in life. Unlike other body shaping supports that focus on medical functionality at the expense of look and comfort or vice versa, GABRIALLA girdles are designed to offer you the very best of both! The GABRIALLA Shapewear Collection is designed to help firm up your body and improve its look, shape and feel. We are here, because we believe that if you feel better, you’ll look better too!

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abdominal back support girdle