GABRIALLA Postpartum Products Bring Your Body Back to Pre-Baby Shape

GABRIALLA Postpartum Products Bring Your Body Back to Pre-Baby Shape

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After a challenging nine months marked by equal parts joy and fear, discomfort and elation, positivity and uncertainty, the expectant mother gets to embrace the life that she has brought into the world. And to top it off, with all that weight gone, she can now look forward to having her body return to the way it used to be.

Well, sort of.

Certainly, the weight loss from the baby’s arrival puts mom several steps closer to her pre-pregnancy weight. Most women lose about 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms) during childbirth, including the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. During the first week after delivery, women will lose additional weight as they shed retained fluids. But the fat stored during pregnancy won't disappear on its own. Any additional weight in the form of fat will come off through diet and exercise, as well as breastfeeding; most mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weight between six months and a year after giving birth.

But women don’t want to simply regain their pre-pregnancy weight; they’re also anxious to recover their pre-pregnancy shape. This will largely be accomplished through exercise. There are not only trainers who specialize in postpartum workouts specifically designed to get mothers back into pre-baby condition, there are specialized workouts moms can do during pregnancy to keep the weight gain down to a minimum. 

Clearly, it takes time for a mom to reach her post-partum weight and conditioning goals. But is there anything that can help her to feel slimmer, sexier, and in better shape until she actually gets there? 

Fortunately the answer is “yes,” in the form of Postpartum Girdles and Binders. These support belts – available in a variety of support levels - can help a new mom feel supported and regain her shape in a much shorter time. These abdominal binders help women improve weight distribution for balance and a slimming effect. Gabrialla support binders are easy to adjust for a comfortable fit so new moms can feel slimmer and sexier while they focus on the diet and exercise that will help them reach their long-term weight and fitness goals. 

Binders are not the only weapon in our postpartum arsenal; the Gabrialla girdle is designed to help firm up a woman’s tummy and restore her body to its original look, shape, and feel. Unlike other postpartum supports that focus on medical functionality at the expense of look and comfort or vice versa, the Gabrialla girdle is designed to offer the best of both. This shaping girdle is made with a flexible but supportive control band that reinforces both the tummy and the buttocks to help model and shape a woman’s figure.

Gabrialla also offers Seamless Postpartum Briefs, which mold, shape, and support, while their cotton weave design offers comfort and breathability. These post-pregnancy briefs are made with our natural milk yarn that absorbs sweat, sanitizes and nourishes the skin. These briefs help a mother get back to her previous figure while creating an instant slimmer and smoother effect.

Of course, women who have undergone a C-section may have a harder time recovering their pre-pregnancy shape. That’s why our Abdominal Binders were created to not only help new mothers look slimmer but to offer the support their abdomen needs and promote active healing from a C-section or other surgery – including abdominal hernia surgery - while also reducing pain and discomfort. (Our Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder was cited as one of the “Best Abdominal Binders After C-Section” by Postpartum Wellness.)

Ultimately, diet, exercise and time are a new mother’s best friends when it comes to regaining their pre-baby bodies. But our Gabrialla Binders, Girdles and Briefs can provide the slimming effect, the support, and the active healing properties that will help them reach their weight and shape goals even faster. 

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