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Microfiber Open Toe Knee High Socks- Graduated Strong Compression - 25 to 35 mmHg (H-304(O))



Constructed from the highest quality microfiber, these Knee High Socks provide 25 to 35 mmHg of extra firm compression, easing pressure from aching, tired, or swollen legs while treating varicose veins and other venous issues. These socks are designed using graduated compression, so stronger compression is applied to the foot and ankle gradually decreases up along the leg, providing support where it's needed the most. Their open-toe design makes these stylish and practical for summer wear.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Our Strongest Compression Socks -Designed specifically for post-operative conditions and various other more serious conditions
  • Treatment Stockings - Made to treat edema, varicose veins, swelling, and general aches and pains from standing too long
  • Longer Lasting - Microfiber ensures long-lasting wear
  • Open Toe - Features an open toe to allow breathability in hot climates

Proudly designed in the USA & Made in ITALY.

Customer Reviews

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Halloween Geek
Good post op product for preventing leg swelling.

My wife had some edema after a surgery - this really helped to keep her leg swelling to a minimum.

Satisfied customer
far enough on my legs that I didn't feel like my legs were being cut in half

Exactly what needed and came up far enough on my legs that I didn't feel like my legs were being cut in half.

Very good quality

This is the second time I've purchased this product. I wore the previous pair for 6 months before they ripped. I'm short, so these stockings come up to the bottom of my butt. I love my stockings :)

These are very good compression stockings

These are very good compression stockings. I am scheduled for sclerotherapy and ablation for venous insufficiency and varicose veins as well as having leg fatigue and swollen ankles. Wore these all day and they really did wonders for my symptoms. They also stayed in place and did not roll and they were way more comfortable than the compression knee highs that I have worn previously. Impressive that they stayed put as I am tall and have some serious thunder thighs. At the offering price, I really thought the 2 count in the description meant two stockings i.e. one pair, so I was ecstatic when I received two pairs at such a low price!

Good for varicose veins

I got these while pregnant. They were a tremendous help for sore tired swollen legs and I loved the open toe since I was living in maxi dresses and sandals