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Microfiber Open Toe Knee Highs - Strong Compression




ADD COMPRESSION TO YOUR LEGS - improve blood circulation and reduce swelling from edema, as well as blood pooling and venous stasis.
HELP TREAT edema, varicose veins, swelling, and general aches and pains from standing too long.
SUPPORT YOUR LEGS - during the post-operative period.
ENJOY LONGER - Microfiber ensures long-lasting wear.
OPEN TOE allows to wear them in hot climates.


Stay fashionable during the summer while supporting your feet and lower legs with the GABRIALLA open-toe compression Knee Highs. Constructed from the highest quality microfiber, these Knee Highs provide 25 to 35 mmHG of extra firm compression, easing pressure from aching, tired, swollen legs and treating varicose veins and other venous issues. These stockings are designed using graduated compression, so stronger compression is applied to the foot and ankle gradually decreases up along the leg, providing support where it's needed the most. Their open-toe design makes these stylish and practical summer wear, allowing you to wear your favorite sandals and other open-toe footwear without your stockings being noticeable.

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