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Postpartum Support Girdle (PPG-972)

Postpartum Support Girdle (PPG-972)

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During the nine months of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes. The body will gradually regain its original shape, but it needs help. The Gabrialla Postpartum Support Girdle is made to do just that. Unlike other postpartum supports that focus on medical functionality at the expense of look and comfort or vice versa, Gabrialla girdles are designed to offer you the very best of both! This Postpartum Support improves the figure and helps bring it back to the pre-pregnancy condition Reinforced abdominal and back areas provide additional support.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • FEEL THE SUPPORT YOU NEED - Recommended by Doctors following a C-section.
  • GET YOUR SHAPE BACK - Improves your figure by shaping your body and helps restore your pre-pregnancy shape sooner.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE - Cotton lining increases comfort and helps prevent allergic skin irritations.
  • CONVENIENT SUPPORT - Lower opening with hooks provided, allowing easy access for hygienic convenience.
  • RECOVER FASTER - Additional support provided at the abdomen and back to help prevent or reduce lower back pain. Sometimes used to relieve menstrual discomfort and for vulvar varicosities.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chloe J.
Perfect postpartum support

I had an emergency c-section and my adorable husband bought this for me after it. I was not really sure about it at the first glance but once I started using the support was outstanding. It adjusts to my body perfectly while it's changing back again to my pre-pregnancy size. After two weeks of giving birth I still use it to help me reduce back strain and getting my muscles back into shape.

I found this item to be superior. Very well made and super durable

I found this item to be superior. Very well made and super durable. Have washed several times and it has lost non of its binding effect!

April Smith
I can get them on relatively easily. I am tall

This was a challenge to get on days after the baby came, but now, one month into it, I can get them on relatively easily. I am tall, and the length wasnt long enough so I use this girdle with a Belly Bandit and it sucks in all the excess up to my bra line. With all baby lifting that happens with feedings and diaper changings in the first month, the support is amazing for my back .

Essential for new moms

I bought this product after I had my twin boys. I started use it approximately 6 weeks after C-section, it is a really good product. The material is of high quality, so you really feel the compression without any discomfort. I used this body shaping for almost 4 months and it did help my recover. I totally recommend it.

oriana higuera

My wife says This product is excellent, as soon as She received it, She put it on and She felt very weell, The pain back and waist got off inmediately she said.