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Postpartum Briefs - Seamless, Milk Protein Fiber (PPM-525)

Postpartum Briefs - Seamless, Milk Protein Fiber (PPM-525)

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For most new moms, one of the biggest struggles following childbirth is finding a way to return to their normal figure. While time, diet and exercise are all keys to making this type of recovery, with this Gabrialla Post-Partum Girdle, you can reach those weight loss goals even faster. This shaping girdle is made with a flexible but supportive control band that supports both the tummy and the buttocks to help model and shape your figure. This girdle molds, shapes, and supports, while it's cotton weave design offers comfort and breathability. This post-pregnancy girdle is made with our natural milk yarn that absorbs sweat, sanitizes and nourishes the skin. Getting back in shape after pregnancy can be hard.  Let this shaping girdle help you get back to your old figure while creating an instant slimmer and smoother effect.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • ENJOY SOFT MILK YARN CONSTRUCTION - Made of our soft, breathable, and natural milk yarn, which has antibacterial properties and amino acids that help nourish the skin, promoting better elasticity.
  • SUPPORT WITHOUT THE DISCOMFORT - Created with a seamless design which allows maximum movement and flexibility and eliminates the risk of irritation, rash, pinching or folding.
  • A NATURAL WAY TO GET REGAIN YOUR SHAPE - Designed to fit every woman’s unique curves to help quickly restore pre-baby figure after becoming a new mom.
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