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Post-Liposuction Girdle (PLG-820)

Post-Liposuction Girdle (PLG-820)

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The Gabrialla Post-Liposuction Girdle is designed to provide the compression and body shaping you need during the healing process after surgery. Compression is an effective method to help increase blood flow, improve circulation, reduce swelling and promote faster healing.

Our Post-Liposuction and Surgical Support has two long lateral zippers with hook closures and 3" anti-roll waistband Open crotch for comfort and hygienic convenience External and/or flat seams to avoid skin irritations. Wearing the girdle will increase blood circulation, reduce post-surgical swelling and promote faster healing Girdle will provide continuous compression to the sculpted areas, and help maintain the desired body contours while providing additional comfort Widely used following abdominal, flank, thigh, hip and knee liposuction procedures, gastric bypass or bariatric surgery

Product Features and Benefits:

  • PERFECT COMPRESSION -Offers the perfect amount of compression to improve circulation, reduce swelling an promote healing.
  • CONVENIENT- Features two long zippers and easy to use hooks to ensure convenience.
  • STAY COOL AND COMFORTABLE - Made with breathable compression fabric that is 100% latex-free.


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