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GABRIALLA Body Shaping Briefs - Seamless, High Waist


Looking to slim up your mid-section? These GABRIALLA High Waisted Microfiber Panties are just the solution for women who want to shape their hips and tummy and give their back end a little push. Designed with new moms in mind, but created for all women, these seamless panties are cool and comfortable and land high on the waist to ensure your trouble areas are being supported, contoured and shaped.
These panties are comfortable, flexible and perfect for everyday wear. Plus, they are made with our Milk Yarn which not only nourishes and hydrates the skin but it is fresh, hygienic and antibacterial for the utmost in comfort. Just slip these high waisted microfiber panties on under any outfit and quickly start enjoying the slimming and shaping benefits of these post-partum underwear.

ENJOY A DISCRETE DESIGN - These seamless panties are made with an ultra-thin fabric that is completely discrete and won’t show through your clothes. This means you can enjoy the shaping of these panties without anyone knowing.
INDULGE IN NOURISHING SKIN BENEFITS - These cool and comfortable post-partum panties are made with our Milk Yarn fibers. These fibers actually help hydrate the skin and are made with amino acids that nourish and promote elasticity. This means younger looking skin and fewer chances of stretch marks.
SLIM YOUR FIGURE BY ONE DRESS SIZE - If you are looking to slim your figure, these comfortable panties are sure to do the trick. They can actually help take you down an entire dress size, so you can always look your best.
STAY COMFORTABLE ALL DAY LONG - The milk yarn used to create these panties is designed to help increase blood circulation and absorb sweat so you can feel fresh no matter what your day brings.