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Wool Warming Support Binder (TGR-201)



The GABRIALLA Wool Warming Support Binder is made from 80% wool which provides light support and natural therapeutic warmth to the lower back and hips. Wool does not irritate the skin and will never cause the allergic reactions often associated with synthetic/elastic materials. Unlike other supports that focus on medical functionality at the expense of look and comfort or vice versa, the GABRIALLA Wool Warming Support Binder is designed to offer you the very best of both! GABRIALLA is here to help alleviate the stress on your body, so you can stay healthy, comfortable and active in your day-to-day life!

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Highly Recommended by Doctors - Prevention and treatment of colitis, arthritis, lower back pain
  • Cold and Humidity  - Protects lower back, abdomen, and hips in severe weather conditions
  • Provides Soothing Natural Warmth - Light support and practically invisible under clothes
  • Natural Material - Made with non-allergenic 80% wool
  • Breathable and Comfortable - Perfect to wear on a daily basis


Material: Wool 80% | Elastic 12% | Nylon 8%