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Sheer Thigh Highs - Graduated Medium Compression Stockings: 20-22 mmHG (H-40)



Get some support for swollen feet and tired legs while remaining fashionable with these Gabrialla sheer compression Thigh Highs. Providing 20 to 22 mmHg of medium compression, these Thigh Highs compression stockings help reduce painful swelling at the feet, ankles, and legs, as well as help prevent varicose veins, blood clots (DVT) and improve blood circulation throughout the body. To promote improved blood circulation, most of the support in these thigh highs are applied to the feet and ankles, while gradually loosening further up the legs. Featuring elegant lace tops with two rows of silicone, these sheer Thigh Highs ensure your hosiery won't slip down and keep you looking stylish. Our compression Thigh Highs are made with premium materials to keep you comfortable during long periods of standing or sitting throughout your workday or during long-distance travel.


RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS for prevention of venous insufficiencies.
GREAT SUPPORT for post-operative conditions.
HELP PREVENT AND TREAT edema, blood pooling, and venous stasis.
LONGER LASTING Made with durable material resulting in longer lasting stockings.