Tips for New Moms (And Their Babies!) to Survive the Summer Heat

Tips for New Moms (And Their Babies!) to Survive the Summer Heat

Between the chilly air conditioning indoors and the climbing temperatures outdoors… how do you know how to dress a newborn in summer? How can a new mom stay cool even while wearing an abdominal binder? How can a new mom cope with postpartum sweating while still avoiding leaking breast milk through her blouse?

Obviously, there are a ton of variables to consider when giving birth to a summer baby. That’s why the Gabrialla team has compiled a list of our best advice for new moms (and their babies!) to survive the summer heat this year.

Helpful Tips About Hydration

It might seem cliché, but it is the single best way to help your baby and yourself beat the heat.

How to Know Your Baby Is Hydrated

If you’re breastfeeding, nurse your baby on demand or offer pumped milk whenever you see signs of hunger. If your baby drinks formula, follow your pediatrician’s recommendation on how often and how many ounces to bottle feed your baby. 

No matter how you choose to feed your baby, watch for at least 6 to 8 wet diapers a day. Anything less may mean your little one is becoming dehydrated; a call to the doctor may be warranted.

Remember That You Need to Stay Hydrated, Too.

It’s all too easy to focus only on your baby’s needs and forget about your own. As a nursing mom, you’ll need more than the standard “six to eight” glasses of water a day.

To help replace the fluids you’re passing on to your little one, drink a non-caffeinated beverage at the end of each nursing session.

For all moms, if you’re seeing pale yellow or clear colored water in the toilet, you’re well hydrated. If your urine becomes dark or develops a strong scent, you need more fluids. 

Embrace the Layered-Life

Dress Your Baby How You’d Want to Be Dressed

Dress your summer baby in an outfit that you would feel comfortable wearing in the current temperature. Bring along a second layer or two in the diaper bag, so that you’ll be prepared for sudden drops in temperature due to summer thunderstorms or the overly air conditioned doctor’s office. A light muslin blanket works well for this. Just don’t drape it all the way over the stroller, as this can restrict airflow and potentially overheat the baby.  Instead, simply lay the blanket lightly over the baby’s lower body.

Wear Whatever YOU Want

Knowing what to wear postpartum isn’t always easy. Ultimately, your comfort and confidence are key. Some things to consider include: 

  • Easy access for breastfeeding
  • Colors and prints of fabrics that won’t obviously show spit up or spilled milk
  • Selecting cuts of clothing that won’t rub uncomfortably against your groin or incision after birth
  • Which outfits make you feel most confident in your amazing post-baby body

Gabrialla has developed an abdominal binder and nursing/sleeping athletic bra designed especially with moms of summer babies in mind. Consider selecting one to maximize your comfort in the postpartum period. Your body is worth the extra care!

The Gabrialla Mommy Must-Haves for Summer Collection provides new moms of all sizes accessories that support without smothering or exacerbating any postpartum sweating problem. The Gabrialla breathable medium support 9 inch abdominal binder is available from small to 2XL, and 

  • Speeds recovery post c section,
  • Slims your silhouette beneath your favorite pre-baby summer sundress
  • Improves balance
  • Supports proper posture

Postpartum sweats seem to strike most often at night, so sleep in something breathable. The Gabrialla seamless nursing sleeping athletic bra made of milk protein fiber comes in sizes small to 2XL is designed to be breathable, buttery-soft, and antibacterial.The material absorbs sweat, and neutralizes it before it has the chance to contribute to an itchy infection. It is also simple for nursing moms to maneuver at those midnight feedings, since it doesn’t include any clasps or buttons.

We know that we don’t have to tell you that welcoming a new baby is an overwhelming experience in any season - especially for first-time parents. No matter how many books and blogs you read (or podcasts you listen to), you’re never quite prepared. Summer pregnancies are particularly notorious for being uncomfortable, but bringing home your brand new baby between the months of May and August is also uniquely challenging. Hopefully, with these tips you and your new summer baby will be adequately prepared to beat the heat.

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