20 Unique Bay Area Baby Names

20 Unique Bay Area Baby Names

By Laura Jones Chen

Naming your new addition can be one of the most exciting times for parents during a pregnancy. There can also be a lot of pressure. After all, this is the FIRST thing people will know about him or her! Parents walk a fine balance of unique but not too unique. With millions of choices and “heavy suggestions” from your in-laws, how can new parents-to-be narrow it down?

Here at Gabrialla, we compiled a list of popular (but not too popular), fun monikers that would be right at home in our beautiful Bay Area. Perfect for any hip baby!  We ranked the names based on data from the Social Security Administration for 2017 top 1000. Read on to get some fresh new ideas or see where your new bundle of joy ranks in name popularity!

Unique Baby Names:

Bay Area Baby Names


#15 Sophia- Possessor of Wisdom
#18 Henry- Ruler
#22 Sebastian- One Who is Revered
#70 Alice- Gracious Truth
#79 Ruby- Precious Jewel
#81 Willow- Who Cannot be Tamed
#105 Axel- Defender of Peace
#201 River- Steady like the River
#226 Beckett- Cottage by the Brook
#289 Theo- Given from Above
#292 Spencer- Dispenser of Provisions
#353 Edgar- Lucky One
#421 Cadence- One with the Rhythm
#445 Lennon- One who is Very Dear
#465 Wren- Song Bird
#541 Lewis- War Hero
#603 Julieta- Bringer of Joy
#662 Jagger- Driver of Pack Horses
#859 Opal- Sanskrit for Jewel
#869 Maxim- The Great One
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