15 Foods To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

15 Foods To Avoid When You’re Pregnant

During pregnancy, the manner in which you eat, think about, smell, and even taste food changes. Some foods are there to avoid during pregnancy are best reserved for when the baby is in your arms, rather than in your stomach.

Pregnant women can crave anything, from strange food combos like pickles and ice cream to Tex-Mex dishes that are downright fiery. However, there are certain restrictions on what a pregnant woman should not consume.

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1. Sushi

Even if you have perfected the skill of making sushi at home, pregnant women should avoid eating raw fish. Even though doctors approve of cooked fish, the seafood in sushi is often contaminated with pathogens.

2. Alcohol

Never consume alcohol during pregnancy, regardless of the stage. It can result in a variety of health concerns, delays, and complications for an unborn child throughout their time in the womb and subsequently in life. You can still celebrate with festive party beverages.

3. Deli Meat

Hold off on that platter of mouth-watering deli meat sandwiches. Even while the likelihood of a pregnant woman and her unborn child being endangered by eating deli meat is low, the meats can still contain listeria, a type of bacterium that affects us through contaminated food and can even cause miscarriage.

4. Raw Eggs

Due to the possibility of salmonella in raw eggs, pregnant women should avoid eating them. Even eggs that are mildly cooked or poached in the morning are unacceptable. Avoid egg yolks that are runny, and resist the temptation to taste uncooked cookie dough.

5. Raw Milk

Pregnant women should avoid drinking raw milk for the time being, regardless matter how delicious it sounds. Milk that has not been pasteurised (the simple process that partially sterilises milk and extends its shelf life) may include bacteria that could be harmful to an unborn child. Pasteurized milk should be indicated on the label.

6. Soft Cheese

It is safe to consume hard cheeses such as Asiago and Parmesan, but soft cheeses (particularly imported feta, Gorgonzola, and the like) should be avoided to prevent listeria infection. (The bacterium can also be found in deli meat.) If you're feeling down, whipping up some cheesy Waffle Fry Nachos may help.

7. Seafood

Don't panic, seafood enthusiasts! Some seafood may be consumed. Pregnant women should avoid eating fish with higher mercury concentrations, such as bigeye tuna, swordfish, shark, and king mackerel. Make salmon for dinner instead.

In addition to these items, it's advised to avoid these types of fish during nursing.

8. Raw or Uncooked Meats

Some people believe raw meat to be a delicacy, despite the obvious health dangers that come with eating uncooked meat. Due to the presence of hazardous bacteria, raw and undercooked meat are not good choices during pregnancy, despite the fact that steak tartare and rare steak are delicious.

9. Processed Meat

Some scientists deem processed beef to be unhealthy since it may have additional chemicals. Reading labels is helpful when selecting meat at the grocery store, although it is crucial not to drive yourself insane by doing so. If a meat's label contains the words "cured," "salted," or "smoked," it is likely processed. Therefore, avoid bacon, beef jerky, and smoked meat.

10. Caffeine

Caffeine and pregnancy are still a matter of conjecture, but to be on the safe side, experts recommend limiting caffeine intake to 200 mg per day. That's a 12 oz cup of coffee. Additionally, keep an eye out for sources of caffeine such dark chocolate and soda.

11. Sugary and Processed Foods

Occasionally indulging in junk food cravings during pregnancy isn't a big problem, but sugary, processed foods should be seen as just that—a treat. Some studies believe that if pregnant women snack on these foods throughout their pregnancy, their children may develop a preference for them later in life.

12. Sprouts

As tasty and flavorful as raw sprouts (such as clover and alfalfa) can be, germs find their way into the seeds during the period before a sprout fully develops. Due to this, it is essentially impossible to eradicate the pesky microorganisms; therefore, you should avoid goods containing raw sprouts.

13. Fresh Juice

Without additional sugar, isn't fresh juice healthier? Possible, but not for pregnant mothers. In its raw, freshly-squeezed state, juice has not been pasteurised, a process that eliminates harmful germs and impurities.

14. Pre-stuffed Chicken

Pre-stuffed chicken sold in stores is not ideal for pregnant women, despite the fact that stuffed chicken is a simple and healthful staple for most. The liquids from uncooked poultry can actually soak into the stuffing, creating an ideal environment for the growth and multiplication of bacteria.

15. Unwashed Vegetables

Pregnancy is an excellent time to develop a taste for fruits and vegetables if you've never been a lover. Remember to always completely wash all produce, as bacteria, insects, and the parasite toxoplasma can survive on them.

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